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The P40 Ministries' Children page is a growing community on the topic of parenting. Though not originally designed as a ministry for parents, P40 Ministries is working hard to change this. We are continuing to add more content relating to children, including parenting blog posts, children's Christian clothing, downloadable content, and many more resources for parents, such as the Alive! Coloring Devotional Discipleship Set.


As P40 continues to grow, expect more resources for children and parents. 

The Alive! Coloring Devotionals

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The Alive! Coloring Devotional Discipleship Set is an excellent resource for parents with young children.


The Alive! Adult Version is a coloring book with eight, beautifully written devotionals for adults. Meticulously designed with intricate graphics, this devotional is perfect for relaxing and coloring with your children as you learn the Bible together.

The Alive! Children's Version is a perfect companion piece to go alongside the Alive! Adult Version. With simpler devotionals that coincide with the Adult Version, the Children's Version is an excellent way to teach your children all about Jesus through eight simple devotionals with coloring pages, workbooks, and parent/child activities.

The two books are the perfect way for you to spend quality time with your child.


Read, relax, and color along on a discipleship journey to Holy Week.

Available to purchase on Amazon Prime.

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