How to lead Out of the Mire at your church

If you are interested in leading the women's Bible study, Out of the Mire - Because waiting on God is worth it at your church, then please read the information below:


Out of the Mire is an eight-week Bible study on the life of Joseph. It was designed specifically for women who are struggling with depression, purposelessness, or hopelessness.

This study is meant to renew faith in the reader as they learn about the love of God demonstrated through the life of Joseph.


The beliefs of P40 Ministries:

If this study is something that you feel your church needs, then please thoroughly search through P40 Ministries Blog and the P40 Ministries Podcast to make sure that your church's views line up with the views of P40 Ministries. You may also contact Jenn to learn more about the values and beliefs held by P40 Ministries.

How to lead the study:

After consulting multiple Bible-study leaders and teaching the class herself, Jenn has discovered some of the best methods used for teaching Out of the Mire study:​

​​​Work on the "Conclusion" section together as an entire group. Ask someone each week to close the group in prayer with the prayer that they wrote to God at the end of the Conclusion.

Assign groups within the study, especially if a lot of women are participating. This study was specifically designed for a lot of interaction, so be sure that groups are assigned so each woman gets a chance to share.

Do a simple, 30 minute teaching from the main portion of each week's lesson. Highlight points that you want to focus on the most from each week. The leader can make this part his/her own as much as they want. It doesn't necessarily need to be read directly from the book, unless you so choose.

The first week is the "Introduction" week. This is where you assign the women into groups, do ice-breakers, and discuss the guidelines for the study. Make this first week really laid-back and fun. Put out coffee, cookies, or punch! At the end of it all, break out into individual groups for 30 minutes and have each lady complete the Introduction Questions. Reflect on the questions, and allow each woman to share her answers with the group. This first week shouldn't take more than and hour and a half to complete. 

Discuss the "homework" section before you begin each week. Allow the ladies to share what they reflected on during the week and what they did to complete the homework. Make this part fun and almost like an "ice-breaker" before each lesson. 

Pray together. Prayer is a very important part of our interaction with other Christians. Make prayer cards and have your groups do a weekly prayer requests. 

Make the study very interactive. Break out into groups at the end of each lesson for 15 - 30 minutes to talk about the "Discussion" portion of each lesson. Give all the ladies time to share their answers within their groups. This study was specifically designed for personal reflection, so be sure that everyone has the chance to speak and reflect deeply on the questions.

The study should take around an hour to an hour and a half to complete each week.

For leaders who are very "by-the-book," you can follow the guidelines as strictly as you so choose. For leaders who are more "by-the-seat-of-your-pants," make this study your own and use the guidelines more as a suggestion. 

To conclude the eight-week study, your church may hire Jenn to teach a closing seminar.

The Women of
Purpose Seminar

Find your purpose in Christ

There is freedom in understanding your purpose and embracing the calling God has for you. In Jenn's seminar, "The Woman of Purpose," Jenn will guide women into understanding more about themselves and the person God calls them to be. 

In this three hour seminar, Jenn will discuss the life of Joseph, God's wonderful love and provision for him, Joseph's crazy career changes with God's help, and how God works the same way for women today.   

During the "Woman of Purpose" seminar, audiences will:

  • Experience "ah-hah" moments while discovering more about their individual passions, interests, personalities.

  • Learn about the loving character of God, His abundant provision and care, and how He created each woman for a purpose.

  • Discover ways to feel more thankful in where God has currently placed them and say "no" to feelings of discontentment.

  • Realize that purposelessness is a lie.

  • Complete assessment worksheets that help the user understand that they were created for a unique purpose.

  • Learn about the fascinating life of Joseph and how God used his life to accomplish a great purpose.