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The Alive! Coloring Devotionals have finally been published and are available to order on Amazon Prime. There are two coloring devotionals available for purchase: The Adult Version, and the Children's Version, both on the topic of Holy Week. 


Both the adult versions and children's versions have similar illustrations, devotionals, and coloring pictures. This was a purposeful design. The two books are meant for parents to be able to do a fun, Christian-based activity with their children, yet still gain meaningful content for themselves.

The Alive! Coloring Devotionals make wonderful gifts for mothers with children aged 5-10. These devotionals can also be used as children's classroom curriculum for Sunday Schools. Last but not least, use them yourself, or with your own children.

Build a meaningful relationship with your child as you teach about Jesus, color beautiful pictures, laugh along with the activities, and enjoy the Alive! Coloring Devotionals together.

About the Adult Version

The Alive! Adult Coloring Devotional consists of eight devotionals about Jesus's journey through Holy Week. Featuring beautifully designed pages and intricate illustrations for the user to color, this coloring devotional is the perfect way for you to unwind and relax as you read, color, and ponder the beautiful sacrifice Jesus made for humanity. (The Adult Version can be done completely alone or in conjunction with the Children's Version.) 

To purchase The Alive! Adult Coloring Devotional on Amazon Prime, click here.


About the Children's Version

The Alive! Children's Coloring Devotional consists of simpler devotionals about Jesus's Journey to the cross during Holy Week, as well as less-daunting coloring pages, adorable workbooks, and exciting parent/child activities.


The Children's Version is very similar to the Adult Version, making the two books an excellent  resource for parents to bond with their children over coloring and beautifully written devotionals about Jesus. (Think Mommy and Me.) When done together, the two Alive! Coloring Devotionals make up one powerful, discipleship tool. They are perfect for parents who want to have more time with their children, have meaningful discussions with them, or do fun, Christian-based activities together, all while learning about Jesus and His love for the world. 

To purchase the Alive! Children's Coloring Devotional on Amazon Prime, click here.


The Alive! Coloring Devotionals are brought to you by P40 Ministries.