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The Woman of Purpose Seminar


There is freedom in understanding your purpose and embracing the calling God has for you. In Jenn Kokal's seminar, "The Woman of Purpose," Jenn will guide women in all walks of life into understanding more about themselves and the person God calls them to be. 

In this three hour seminar, Jenn will discuss the crazy life of Joseph, the lie called "purposelessness," God's wonderful love and provision for His people, and how God uses the lives of women everywhere for His  unique calling and fascinating purpose.   

During the "Woman of Purpose" seminar, audiences will:

  • Experience "ah-hah" moments while discovering more about their individual passions, interests, and personalities.

  • Encounter the loving character of God, His abundant provision and care, and how He created each woman for a purpose.

  • Discover ways to feel more thankful in life and say "no" to feelings of discontentment.

  • Realize that purposelessness is a lie.

  • Complete assessment worksheets that help the user understand that they were created for a unique calling.

  • Learn about the fascinating life of Joseph and how God used his life to accomplish a great purpose. 

Group Lecture

About Jenn:

Jenn Kokal is the founder and owner of P40 Ministries, a ministry dedicated to helping women find their purpose through Christ.


Jenn is a professional musician, author, and podcaster. Her podcast, the P40 Ministries Podcast, has thousands of monthly listeners from all over the world. In the podcast, Jenn discusses the Bible in a relatable, humorous, and simplistic way, which helps the listener grow in a better understanding of the Bible.

Jenn is very passionate about personal and spiritual growth. She believes that every person is called for a unique and wonderful purpose. She strives to help people discover their individual callings by helping them grow in their relationship with God. 

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Listen to Jenn Speak on the podcast:

Matthew 25:14-30 (From Christ) - Use Your Talents for GodJenn Kokal
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What's Included in the seminar:


Three opening worship songs led by Jenn Kokal to prepare the hearts of the women attending.

A three hour seminar by Jenn on the life of Joseph and the lie of purposelessness that women believe.

Assessment worksheets for the attendees to complete during the seminar.


Jenn's personal testimony.


One closing worship song to dismiss the audience.

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