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Write for P40 Ministries

If you have something you want to write for P40 Ministries, we ask that you respectfully adhere to these rules: 

  • The piece you submit must be original and unpublished content.

  • Your submitted piece must be based on the Bible. Please have at least one Scripture reference in your post. *P40 Ministries typically uses Scripture from the NLT version, but other versions are acceptable.

  • We ask that your submission be between 700-900 words. 

  • Please follow a similar format to that of our other posts.

  • P40 Ministries enjoys content on a wide range of biblical subjects. However, we especially enjoy submissions relating to personal testimonies, biblical commentaries, how to deal with stress and anxiety, or personal and spiritual growth. (Keep all posts God-centered. Please do not submit any opinion posts, hot-button topics, or political posts.)

  • We ask that you have your submission fully written and ready to be reviewed when sent.

  • We reserve the right to publish or refuse any submissions.

  • If selected, we reserve the right to edit your submission. The editing process may include changing the title, editing the sake of clarity, removing or adding words, spell checking, etc. 

  • If your article is selected, we ask that you post a short preview of it on your personal website and social media platforms, and link it to P40 Ministries.

  • If you don't have a website, P40 Ministries may still choose to publish your submission. We still ask that you share your post on your social media platforms.

Please submit your finished articles to



If you have any questions relating to writing for us, please fill out the form on our Contact page. 

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