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Reading the Bible shouldn't be a chore, it should be fun!


If you have trouble with consistent Bible reading, or have a hard time understanding what you are reading, then the The Bible Explained podcast is the place for you. Every weekday morning, Jenn explains a different passage of Scripture - either from the New or Old Testament.


The podcast is simplistic, relatable, and humorous. Each episode is approximately 20 minutes long.


The goal of The Bible Explained is to prove that the Bible is easy enough for anyone to read and understand. The podcast aims to help thousands of listeners from all over the world "build their foundation" on God through daily Bible reading. 


Tune in to the The Bible Explained whenever you want. Once aired, episodes never go away.  

Podcast Schedule: 

  • Mon, Wed, Fri: Old Testament, currently in the book of Joshua. Airs 6:00a.m. (but listen whenever you want.)

  • Tue, Thu: New Testament, currently in the book of John. Airs 6:00a.m. (but listen whenever you want.)

Happy listening, and God bless!

- Jenn

Listen to every episode Here

Or, tune into The Bible Explained wherever you listen to podcasts!

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The Bible Explained is a product of P40 Ministries LLC.
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