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A Look Inside - Out of the Mire

Do you feel purposeless? Hopeless? Depressed? Unsure of your future?

Many of us have been there. But we don't need to stay there.

Explore the character of God, His plan for your life, and His love for His people - demonstrated in the life of one special slave.

Out of the Mire is an eight-week Bible study on the life of Joseph.


Look Inside

What you can expect in Out of the Mire:

Out of the Mire PDF4.jpg
Out of the Mire PDF5.jpg

Weekly, inspirational teachings on the life of Joseph

Out of the Mire PDF6.jpg
Out of the Mire PDF13.jpg

Thoughtful questions to reflect on life, Scripture, or feelings

Out of the Mire PDF16.jpg
Out of the Mire PDF24.jpg

Homework options to be completed through the week.

You were created with a purpose. God knows exactly what it is.


Waiting on God is worth it.

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