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The Mission:

"Personal Growth" is what P40 Ministries wants you to achieve...

However, growth is impossible without a good foundation.  

P40 Ministries LLC is on a mission to help you build your foundation, so that you can develop into a healthy, joyful, and purpose-filled person. We call this simple process "Building a Foundation" - based off of Psalm 40:2.

P40 Ministries believes "Building a Foundation" starts by helping you establish your personal faith in God. We do this by implementing practical biblical teaching and motivating you to incorporate healthy habits and renewed thinking. These combined efforts eventually produce the coveted "personal growth."  Simply speaking, P40 Ministries is the first step in helping you achieve personal growth through proven foundation-building tactics. 


P40 Ministries has a plethora of avenues to help you achieve new foundation-building goals, including:

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