The Mission:

"Personal Growth" is the true purpose of P40 Ministries...

However, growth is impossible without a good foundation. 

P40 Ministries LLC is on a mission to help you build your foundation, so that you can develop a into changed, healthy, joyful, and purpose-filled person. We call this simple process, "Building a Foundation" - based off of Psalm 40:2.

P40 Ministries believes "Building a Foundation" starts with personal faith in God that develops over time with practical Bible teaching, as well as incorporation of healthy habits and renewed thinking. 


P40 Ministries has a plethora of avenues to achieve these foundation-building goals, including:

  • A growing community of people who are seeking biblical answers to everyday questions.

  • Group or personal devotionals . 

  • The Bible Explained Podcast - a daily podcast that is dedicated to bringing people a simplistic, fun, and relatable explanation of the Bible.

  • The P40 Ministries LLC YouTube channel.