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P40 Ministries' News

Hey Faithful Listeners.

I haven't written a blog post in a long time, mainly because the P40 Ministries Podcast is where I have been focusing a lot of my attention. But, I thought I would write a quick post about some of the news regarding P40.

Here's what's been going on recently:

The store

  • I stripped the store down to the bare basics. All that's in there are the best-sellers and P40 merch. Anything that's out-of-season or didn't sell well is gone. However, I do have another shirt I am working on similar to the Lion-of-Judah, but it is a Lamb instead.

  • The Lion of Judah design has been upgraded. I took some time to sit down and draw out the whole thing. It is now available on the tote bags and hoodies, but I won't have it available on the t-shirts until I can sell the rest of the old style.

  • A special t-shirt will be available for a limited time celebrating the end of season 3 of the podcast.

The Podcast

  • The podcast is getting totally rebranded (but will still have the same content.) Starting Monday, the podcast will be going into it's 4th season, and it's name will be changed to The Bible Explained. If you are subscribed to the podcast, there shouldn't be any issue with finding it once the name is changed. If you do have a problem, either go to the podcast page on this website, or contact me directly using the contact page.

Special announcement

  • Many people have asked me why I am changing the name of the podcast, and really, there's many reasons. But one secret reason is the fact that I am planning on starting another podcast for Saturdays. I will give more details in the future!

As always, if anyone has any questions about anything, don't hesitate to reach out! As always,

Happy reading, and God bless!

- Jenn

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