Weeds in the Rose Garden - Asking God to Help You Get Rid of the Stuff that Destroys Your Life

Some different types of roses from my garden

Today, I was outside with my roses. I am actually a pretty terrible flower gardener. But at my new house, there are a ton of leftover flowers from the previous owners (who were professional landscapers.)

They are mostly roses that happen to be right in front of my house. Due to lack of care on my part, they were beginning to look pretty sad and droopy. On top of that, they are growing into the walkway, so anyone who walks up to my front door gets attacked by bees, or thorns, or both.

I decided today that enough was enough. I threw on my garden gloves and began tackling the project without really knowing how to do it.

I was clipping away, shooing off some pretty disgusting insects, when I noticed a whole bunch of that awful, prickly, thistly stuff growing around one of the rose bushes. I was trying to get them out, but the roses were scratching my hands with their thorns! Even with garden gloves, there was no way I could get the weeds out from around the bushes. It was like the roses were protecting the weeds that were trying to kill them. That's when a verse popped into my head, "The thief’s purpose is to steal and kill and destroy." - John 10:10.

While gardening, I thought about this analogy a little more. I came to the conclusion that weeds really have very little purpose - other than to steal nutrients, kill plants, and destroy the beauty of flower gardens. That's kind of like Satan, or "The Thief." He really only wants to steal from us, kill our joy, and destroy the things from God. He's like a nasty weed that grows in a beautiful garden that God, the Gardener, planted.

Pretty rose water drops

In fact, often times throughout Scripture, God compares us humans to plants. He tells us to "grow fruit," and calls us "the vines." If I take some liberties, I co