The Battle for My Mind - How a social media detox improved my mental well-being

And now, dear brothers and sisters, one final thing. Fix your thoughts on what is true, and honorable, and right, and pure, and lovely, and admirable. Think about things that are excellent and worthy of praise. - Philippians 4:8

I used to be an addict.

Yes, an addict. I was hopelessly addicted to the news and to social media. For hours, I would stare at my phone, scrolling, reading, scrolling, reading, scrolling. It was endless. I was getting sucked in to every conspiracy theory, every negative post, every hateful comment that I read. In turn, I was a miserable, fearful person.

It wasn't until one horrible day that I decided I couldn't handle social media anymore. It wasn't the first time I got threats by some hateful people who were too invested in social media themselves. But this time, I decided I had had enough. I deleted all of my accounts on every platform I had - including the news. The only account I chose to keep was my Facebook account, and only for business purposes. I deleted everything else.

I was done.

I realized a very simple fact: social media is just not healthy. The human brain was not created to have the world at it's fingertips. Our minds are not strong enough to be able to have access to every single negative opinion out there. We mentally can't handle that. We were not created to be able to healthfully process every conspiracy theory that someone half-way across the world chooses to share. We are not supposed to be able to constantly see what some stranger half-way across our country is doing in their day-to-day lives. (The worst part is, if you are able to access that information on those people, what can they access in your life?)

You see, humans were not created for that. We were created for the people in our own communities. We were created to have physical connections with the people who are closest to us. When we focus on the people near to us, (rather than the loudmouths with bad opinions on the other side of the country,) we find that we can have special relationships, overall happiness, and excellent mental health.

Here are some of the things a social media-free life has done for me, and also why you should consider fully removing social media from your life: