How Do We Have Free Will if God Knows Everything?

Updated: Dec 27, 2020

A lot has been happening in my life over the past two weeks. A crazy amount, actually. First off, I got hired as a house parent at a boarding school near where I live. Secondly, I went on a youth group retreat last week as a counselor. Needless to say, all of a sudden, I am surrounded by middle-schoolers and teenagers.

Last night, I decided to help my husband at youth group. He is one of the youth leaders at my church, and since I had nothing else to do, I chose to go with him. As we were sitting in a circle and studying the book of Mark, one of the kids asked a very interesting question. He said, "I don't understand the concept of free will. Like, how do we have free will if God knows everything?"

Many leaders interjected and discussed different concepts, but for me, the question got me thinking. As I was pondering it over this morning with my coffee, I had a revelation.

My dog is a Jack Russell Terrier. He absolutely loves going places with me. He loves it so much, that if he even suspects that I might be leaving, he jumps all over the garage door and tries to get out of the house and into the car as quickly as he can. But once he's in the car and we are out of the driveway, he has a massive panic attack. He whines, barks, jumps all over the driver, hops into the trunk or back seat, tears something up, or knocks my drink over while basically doing parkour (or "barkour" if you enjoy a good pun) in the car. There are many times I've had to pull over to restrain him to make sure we don't get into a car wreck! Recently, my mom purchased a doggy seat belt because he is such a terror in the car. The fact is, my dog doesn't know where he is going, and therefore, doesn't trust me enough to make sure I get him safely to the destination... wherever that may be.