My Testimony - God Indeed Redeems

* This is the testimony I gave at my church word-for-word on Sunday. I know that we were having some technical difficulties, so it was hard to hear me if you weren't at the service. So, I thought it would be a good idea to put it up on my blog as a blog post. My testimony is real, it's vulnerable, and it's embarrassing. But it is something I need to talk about. My testimony is the reason I am so passionate about Christ and about sharing what He has done in my life. This is the reason I choose to share it.

"Hello everybody. My name is Jenn. I am a worship team member and a college and career leader here at the church. I also help with morning worship and lead Bible studies on occasion.

"I wanted to share with everyone how I began serving here at the church:

"Since I can remember, I have been involved in music. The first song I ever played at church was “Jesus Loves Me” on the piano. I was six years old and remember it vividly because I was super nervous! By the time I was 15, I was the only pianist at the church my family and I were attending, and I was playing for the congregational singing every Sunday morning. I hated it. I had no fulfillment serving by playing the piano. I was doing it out of guilt because I felt that it was something I had to do.