The Start of Western Persecution of Christians - What we can do about it

Updated: Aug 26, 2020

With over 1 billion active users on Instagram, 2.7 billion active users on Facebook, and 330 million active users on Twitter each month, there is no question as to why these three social media platforms are called "Tech Giants." People have flocked to these platforms left and right to gain friends, sell their content, increase their own popularity, and become more "social."

Yet, these same platforms are known for quieting and censoring Christian voices. Take a look at these five sources out of hundreds:

  1. Facebook deletes a conference on Christianity for no apparent reason.

  2. Instagram brands Christian worship as "harmful" (There are multiple accounts of this.)

  3. Twitter removes Christian and Jewish symbols, calling them "hateful imagery." (However, this has since been "fact checked" and Twitter said they "didn't mean it.")

  4. Pinterest blocks Christian websites as pornography (There are several different accounts of this.)

  5. Google flags Christian content as Youtube demonetizes Christian videos This is disturbing. Please take the time to watch this video!

These are just five out of multiple accounts of Christian content being blocked, flagged, or just downright deleted off of these social media platforms for absolutely no reason - other than the fact that these tech giants just don't like Christianity. Thousands of Christian voices are being censored and deleted on a daily bases - ones you don't even hear about.

On top of this, certain tech giants have gone so far as to not allow Christians to advertise on their platforms, saying that Christian content is "discriminatory."

* I have had this happen to myself. I often pay for ads on Pinterest, (Pinterest, I feel, is the only social media platform left tolerates Christian content, but even this is fading quickly) and had one removed recently because it "Didn't follow community guidelines." When I checked out community guidelines, religion is labeled as "discriminatory."