When Mother's Day is Sad

Updated: May 29, 2020

For many people, Mother's Day is considered a happy event. It is ideally filled with kisses from little kids, gifts from spouses, homemade presents, and "Best Mom Ever" paraphernalia from family members. It is a day associated with heartfelt greeting cards, pretty flowers blooming in the front yard, and butterflies taking flight. On this special day, Mothers all around the United States are celebrated.

Unfortunately, Mother's Day is not always a happy event. For some, Mother's Day brings painful memories to surface. Some individuals may have sorrowfully lost their mom, and are in mourning. Others are heartbroken because they were never able to have children, or perhaps lost a child and are grieving deeply. Some had a bad relationship with their moms. Others may not have children that are speaking to them. Still for others, their kids live far away from them, and they aren't able to see them at all on Mother's Day.

Perhaps you fall in one of these categories, too?