Why We Need Time With God Every Morning - Changing our mindset on Bible-reading

This morning, I sat out on my front porch as I often do. The sun was shining, the bees were buzzing, and the wind was cooling my coffee. But as beautiful as the morning was, I felt distraught. I couldn't help but feel like everything I was doing was a wasted effort. I felt as if I had screwed everything up and that my future in P40 Ministries was uncertain.

That's when I turned in my little devotional: Christy Wright's Living True - 40 Days to Get Back to You. And what do you know? I turned to Day 18 - a chapter all about us being able to do great things through the power of God. I loved what Christy said on page 96, "We look at our own imperfections and limitations, and we're overwhelmed with the task in front of us - the task we mistakenly think is ours to complete. Of course we are overwhelmed! In our own strength, we can't do much. But Scripture says, "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. - Philippians 4:13 NKJV."

Spending some time with God today on my deck (and Bandit too.)

I felt God speaking to me through this little devotional this morning. I was feeling unnecessary distraught because I was selfishly believing that I was in control of my future, my business, my plans, and my dreams. How wrong I was! I was not in control of much of anything! God had placed P40 Ministries in my lap. God had given me everything I had in this business. It was through His power that I had what I had, and He was going to continue it if He wanted to. I am so thankful that God revealed this to me because I was able to re-dedicate my business to God. His revelation to me eased my doubts and fears.

Until recently, I never understood the true importance of spending time with God every day. And now that I know the answer, I see so many others who don't understand the importance of it! Too often, people read the Bible or spend time with God because they falsely believe that reading the Bible gets them on God's "good side." We cannot get on God's good side through our own power, no matter how much we read the Bible. (That is why Jesus had to come down in the first place...) We aren't reading the Bible for God to do Him a favor, we are reading it for ourselves. We need it. We need what it says, we need revelations from God, we need the peace and comfort in our lives that only God can give us.

Friends, God wants us to come to Him with a sincere heart. If we are able to spend 2 hours with God, then that's awesome! But if we are only able to spend 10 minutes with God that morning, then that is also awesome! You know why? Because we dedicated time to our spiritual growth with our Heavenly Father and we did it with a sincere heart.