Why We Should Never Give Up - How to find our calling

Those who plant in tears will harvest with shouts of joy. - Psalm 126:5 (NLT)

Do you ever feel like you are gaining nothing from all the hard work you are putting in? Would you rather just give up?

You're not alone.

I recently became a member of a Facebook group for female entrepreneurs. The point of the group is to discuss business related topics and glean insight from other female business owners. About a week ago, I was feeling especially defeated with my job. I decided to post something in the businesswoman group. I asked the women what they did when they see no reward from the hard work they put into their work. I asked them to share some things of a time they felt successful, and what they did to feel that way.

I got a lot of answers - mostly of women feeling exactly the same way I did. They put so much work in, but never felt any success.

This made me question so many things which I would like to explore today:

Firstly, what defines success, and why don't we feel successful?

Secondly, does God really want us to have success?

Lastly, why should we keep going when we feel unsuccessful?

What is Success and Why Don't We Feel Successful?

I think firstly, we need to redefi